Fighting the Darkness

Summer's Trials
Prove Yourself Worthy to the Summer Fey

Date: 2/20/12
Attended Players:

-To be filled in more detail soon.

The enormous embodiment of the Fey Summer stands before you, and says in his booming voice, “The future is unclear; the Feywild is under siege, and this isn’t part of the natural ebb and flow of seasonal power. There are dark energies at work here, and I cannot directly affect change. I am too closely involved. In order to positively impact this world, I need to name a champion. Perhaps one of you would be worthy to hold my favor and work to save the Feywild. However, I cannot give my favor to just anybody. You would have to prove your strength to me. Are you willing to take up the mantle of Summer and fight against my enemies?”

You are whisked away from the stone circle to a wooded corridor lined with low bushes that provide cover. Only Telos, Lyrindel, Errik, and Mondial remain. Before you can get your bearings and figure out what is going on, noises come from all sides.

A group of fey creatures set upon the group, a satyr, a dryad, a pair of wolves, and gnomes test the mettle of the adventurers.

Once defeated, they are once again whisked away, and now a large gelatinous cube, ochre jellies, and green slimes attack some pixies. The adventurers, tired though they are, set upon the aberrant slimes and save the fey creatures.

With the gelatinous cube defeated, the session ends. Next week, the encounter with the Summer Fey will culminate in a final battle against the ruler of the Summer himself.


  • 575
  • At this point, the party has reached level 6. Level up your characters for next week’s session.
Trellin's Back Story

Date: 2/6/12
Attended Players:

When Trellin, Telos, and Vimak destroyed Thurgen Frostmane and rescued Aeran Miller and Heldan, there were other prisoners who were released. Included in the holding cells were three other mages, an artificer, and a Hamadryad Shaman named Lyrindel who had been captured and used as a test subject by the mad mage. She was grateful for the rescue, and believed that she had the ability to aid the others in their ongoing travels, so she decided to travel with them.

On the way back to Baldur’s Gate and The Prancing Unicorn, Vimak was long in thought and decided to change his name. His name had been given to him by the one who used him for evil, and since defeating him, decided that it was time to move on from his shadow. Vimak will now be known as Victor, and he scribed a glowing rune on his companions’ armor which pledges Victor’s aid and guardianship to those he travels with.

The party was well-received, and rewarded for their actions. Trellin wanted to attend the lecture about the advanced planar travel to the Feywild at the Mage’s College. The speaker was an artificer who was in town for a feast that evening. She was a wizened human missing her right hand. In its place, she had a persistent Mage’s Hand which approximated the hand’s movement. Most of the lecture went over Trellin’s head, but he gained a few pieces of information. First, travel to the Feywild has become extremely difficult lately, and it hasn’t been predictable for at least two years.

The feast that evening is actually being put on by a local merchant. There was a contest being held, a show of bravado, for either an individual or a group and the prize is the Heart of Summer. The Heart of Summer is a powerful reagent that is being given as a prize for the contest.

Trellin took the rest of his traveling companions to the feast, and while they were mingling, Trellin signed them up for the contest. While the others were mingling, they ran in to a large dragonborn sorcerer who had attended the same lecture named Mondial. He had been planning on joining the contest on his own, but he saw the advantage in working as a group. Telos and Victor were confronted by a human from the Frozen North named Errik. He asked Telos if he had heard of a Clockwork Priest. He said he had, but Telos and Errik hadn’t hit it off, particularly. He introduced Errik to Victor, and he had come to the area in search of the one who could free the north from the invasion of the Frost Giants. They stood together with feats of athleticism, arcane might, and nature’s might. The night was won by them, and the Heart of Summer was presented in a fantastic glass case, as well as a selection of potions.

Late that night, when everyone had retired at the inn, while most of the party was sleeping, one of the groups who lost the competition couldn’t accept the loss. Eluron Bladewhisper, a pair of Swordmages, a pair of Tiefling Shadowblades, and a group of Eladrin Desert Blades jumped Trellin and the rest of the group while sleeping. Eluron was in search for the Heart of Summer, and he assumed Victor was the one holding the heart. Nobody suspected Trellin.

They vanquished the foes, and decided it was time to inspect the Heart of Summer. As soon as Trellin removed the Heart of Summer from its glass case, they were whisked away from The Prancing Unicorn by a warm summer wind smelling of wood smoke and the summer. When they next looked around, they were in the middle of a stone circle in the center of an ancient forest.

A voice boomed in each of their heads, “Who holds my heart, my mind?” From behind them, an enormous beast padded forth from the trees. It was the largest wolf they had ever seen, and he moved with a ponderous purpose. The Summer Wolf offered two options to the group. Those who hold the Heart of Summer have the power to call a favor from the season of Summer in the Feywild. The seasons have been warring for eternity, but opposing forces can work to cancel each other’s effects. Summer and Winter; Spring and Autumn: they are the diametrically opposed, and can work against each other.

In the long run, if they wanted a stable, dependable means of conveyance to the Feywild, they would have to have a token from each of the seasons, either given willingly or taken by force. Summer offered a bargain: He was willing to offer his support freely if they would agree to perform a task for him, at his choosing. Victor decided that he would be beholden to no one, and Mondial didn’t want to be in debt to anybody either. “There is another way…” the booming voice of Summer intones, “The Old Ways are strong in these trees. If you can defeat me, then I will name one of your number my champion. What shall it be?”

Here is where the session ended. It will pick up with the Trial of Summer.


Vimak's Back Story

Date: 1/30/2012
Attended players:

Trellin, Telos, and Vimak traveled a long road, heading to Baldur’s Gate. Once they arrived, they went to an inn for the evening, The Prancing Unicorn, where Telos spoke with the bartender regarding Vimak’s creator, Thurgen Frostmane. There had been rumblings that Thurgen had relocated to the area and resumed his evil experiments.

The barkeep pointed him to a man drowning his sorrows in ale at a nearby table. The man, Edwin Miller, has a son (Aeran Miller) who was attending the Mage’s College in the Merchant District went missing two weeks ago, right after Edwin forbade him from leaving town and joining one of the guest lecturers at his tower.

Once visiting the College, the administrator retrieved the records, and the guest lecturer two weeks past was indeed Thurgen. His tower is an old guard tower to the road northwest of town.

On a side note, Trellin is looking forward to a lecture three days hence that an Eladrin mage will hold regarding his research in traveling back and forth through the Feywild.

The road led the party six hours out of Baldur’s Gate proper, to a pair of towers along the road. The eastern tower had fallen during the Spellplague, but the western tower was in use, and a log wall had been raised around it. Inside, they found more Clockwork Animates, a Warrior Thrall that Vimak had the misfortune of working on prior to his liberation, and a Genasi Thundermage. Once the battle was won, Vimak found a trapdoor in the floor, and below was a row of cells locked with an arcane force wall. Aeran is not among them, but his friend Heldan from the college is. Aeran is currently further up the tower, a subject to Thurgen’s “experiments.”

Aeran is tied down on a dais on the 4th floor of the tower, surrounded by Thurgen, his guards, and Iron Hounds. The battle is hard, and Thurgen tried to remove his construction from this world, but was finally vanquished by Vimak himself, who said as his Mordenkrad crushed Thurgen’s skull, “You won’t hurt anyone else again.”

Upon returning to the town, Edwin and the college were grateful for the (relatively) safe return of the missing children, and rewarded the efforts of the group.



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