Thurgen Frostmane

Vimak's Creator - Twisted Sorcerer


Wearing golden and russet robes chased in filigree, bearing a stout staff, and a shock of long white hair, Thurgen Frostmane looks the part of an imposing Magister. He holds himself high, and has a haughty demeanor.

Thurgen held monthly lectures regarding control of the weather at the Mage’s College in Baldur’s Gate recently, but that was not his main pursuits. He was actually torturing local townsfolk and using their souls to try to recreate his first and greatest creation – a Warforged servant named Vimak. Alas, his subsequent creations lacked the spark of life and sentience that Vimak held, and he eventually turned to the practice of using live subjects to power his clockwork creations.

He had worked south of Cormyr initially, until a group of adventurers stormed his laboratory and Thurgen barely escaped with his life. Vimak joined one of the members of the party, Telos, on his further quest around Faerun.

Thurgen Frostmane

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