Fighting the Darkness

Vimak's Back Story

Date: 1/30/2012
Attended players:

Trellin, Telos, and Vimak traveled a long road, heading to Baldur’s Gate. Once they arrived, they went to an inn for the evening, The Prancing Unicorn, where Telos spoke with the bartender regarding Vimak’s creator, Thurgen Frostmane. There had been rumblings that Thurgen had relocated to the area and resumed his evil experiments.

The barkeep pointed him to a man drowning his sorrows in ale at a nearby table. The man, Edwin Miller, has a son (Aeran Miller) who was attending the Mage’s College in the Merchant District went missing two weeks ago, right after Edwin forbade him from leaving town and joining one of the guest lecturers at his tower.

Once visiting the College, the administrator retrieved the records, and the guest lecturer two weeks past was indeed Thurgen. His tower is an old guard tower to the road northwest of town.

On a side note, Trellin is looking forward to a lecture three days hence that an Eladrin mage will hold regarding his research in traveling back and forth through the Feywild.

The road led the party six hours out of Baldur’s Gate proper, to a pair of towers along the road. The eastern tower had fallen during the Spellplague, but the western tower was in use, and a log wall had been raised around it. Inside, they found more Clockwork Animates, a Warrior Thrall that Vimak had the misfortune of working on prior to his liberation, and a Genasi Thundermage. Once the battle was won, Vimak found a trapdoor in the floor, and below was a row of cells locked with an arcane force wall. Aeran is not among them, but his friend Heldan from the college is. Aeran is currently further up the tower, a subject to Thurgen’s “experiments.”

Aeran is tied down on a dais on the 4th floor of the tower, surrounded by Thurgen, his guards, and Iron Hounds. The battle is hard, and Thurgen tried to remove his construction from this world, but was finally vanquished by Vimak himself, who said as his Mordenkrad crushed Thurgen’s skull, “You won’t hurt anyone else again.”

Upon returning to the town, Edwin and the college were grateful for the (relatively) safe return of the missing children, and rewarded the efforts of the group.



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