Fighting the Darkness

Summer's Trials

Prove Yourself Worthy to the Summer Fey

Date: 2/20/12
Attended Players:

-To be filled in more detail soon.

The enormous embodiment of the Fey Summer stands before you, and says in his booming voice, “The future is unclear; the Feywild is under siege, and this isn’t part of the natural ebb and flow of seasonal power. There are dark energies at work here, and I cannot directly affect change. I am too closely involved. In order to positively impact this world, I need to name a champion. Perhaps one of you would be worthy to hold my favor and work to save the Feywild. However, I cannot give my favor to just anybody. You would have to prove your strength to me. Are you willing to take up the mantle of Summer and fight against my enemies?”

You are whisked away from the stone circle to a wooded corridor lined with low bushes that provide cover. Only Telos, Lyrindel, Errik, and Mondial remain. Before you can get your bearings and figure out what is going on, noises come from all sides.

A group of fey creatures set upon the group, a satyr, a dryad, a pair of wolves, and gnomes test the mettle of the adventurers.

Once defeated, they are once again whisked away, and now a large gelatinous cube, ochre jellies, and green slimes attack some pixies. The adventurers, tired though they are, set upon the aberrant slimes and save the fey creatures.

With the gelatinous cube defeated, the session ends. Next week, the encounter with the Summer Fey will culminate in a final battle against the ruler of the Summer himself.


  • 575
  • At this point, the party has reached level 6. Level up your characters for next week’s session.


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